What’s the Difference Between Plumbing and Heating

We have a range of operatives that work for us.
Plumbers are skilled in the basics of, well plumbing. This includes radiators, towel rails, washing machine installations, leaky pipes and taps. A plumber can fit all the pipework up to the boiler but not install or repair the boiler or anything to do with gas. i.e. cookers gas fires, boilers etc.
Heating Engineers deal with heating, which is usually powered by gas. Therefore they are professionally trained tested and certified. before they can work on any appliance in your home or property. Heating engineers are qualified to do a range of tasks but most specialise in one field, Repairs, Installations, etc.

When Should I replace my Boiler

At least every 10 years

How Much Does a New Boiler Cost?

Starts at £1299 depending on boiler.

Is it Cheaper to Repair Or Renew a Boiler?

Depends on what the problem and age of the boiler